Maple Springfield Limited is a unique London based company specialising in the development and property management of luxury residential & commercial real estate in prime central London and beyond.

Maple – (in respect of a Maple Tree) is a common symbol of strength and endurance
Spring – Move rapidly or suddenly from a constrained position
Field – as in a field of experts
Essentially this equates to our brand being immensely strong and durable but with the ability to be adaptable no matter how tough the position we are face with through our extensive field of experience and personnel.

Our unique offering has the ability to take a development from acquisition right through to managing the property and the tenants. This results in a completely different approach when designing and constructing the schemes as we are always mindful of the complete life cycle of the building. The Property Management team are fully integrated as part of the development from inception which provides a greater degree of expertise into every part of the development.

Our highly skilled team have over 50 years’ experience in the property sector and can offer their expertise in managing a wide range of services, including;

  • Site acquisition
  • Development Appraisal
  • Funding
  • Concept proposal
  • Design Management
  • Planning Permission
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Letting & Sales
  • Commission of development

With a property portfolio of more than 150,000sq ft. in London alone, Maple Springfield pride themselves on delivering the highest quality developments, incorporating exquisite design and intricate detail at every turn. Having developed trusted relationships with many market leading architects, planning consultants and interior designers, it offer the chance for Maple Springfield to offer a turnkey development and property management service which will take our clients from concept right through to managing tenants.

Key People

Our highly experienced team have many years of experience, having worked with various
developers, construction companies, agents and property management companies such as Bovis
Leliott, Lend Lease, Norwest Holst, Knight Frank, Savills, and Cube Project Management to name a
few. The team have gained vast experience in all aspects of development, construction and property
management, allowing Maple Springfield to offer a highly skilled team to our clients.

Our team have worked on delivering some of London’s most prestigious projects such as One Hyde
Park, the Treasury, Royal Academy, Guildhall, Kings College, Bluewater and the Greenwich Peninsula.
As well as being part of managing some of the most luxurious real estate in London.