We set up our Property Management business unit as it became obvious that the level of service that we provide is the highest that should be expected when you and managing developments of such an exclusive nature. We have extensive knowledge of all our developments and make it our business to understand every square foot of the building we are managing. Through this approach we make sure that the value of the development is maintained and enhanced further as the building matures, simply through our detailed approach.

It is vital that we maintain high standards and instil in all our staff to have their own standards which are never compromised. At this level of service even the best needs to be challenged to endeavour to provide an even higher level of service or expectation.

We have two main levels of service whereby we are either involved from the initial concept stage through our development team or through being brought in after the development has been complete.

When we are engaged there will be a series of steps that we will always carry through to make sure that we provide the highest level or standard that can be achieved.

Step 1 – Property Health Check
This will be a comprehensive health check of your property. This property audit varies depending upon your own requirements but could include:

  • Creation of floor plans
  • Review of current Service Maintenance Agreements and suppliers
  • Identification of all preventative maintenance tasks, with recommendations as to frequency
  • General check on the fabric of your property

Step 2 – Allocation of Dedicated Property Manager
On completion of the audit, you will be allocated your dedicated Property Manager, who is available to deal with any maintenance issues that you have with your property. The Property Manager will be focused on understanding everything there is to know about the building and will become your first
point of call for any needs or requirements.

Step 3 – Production of a Property Log Book
All the information captured during the audit forms instigates a property log book. Thereafter, every task or job carried out at your property is recorded on our online portal.

Step 4 – Full Access to our Dedicated Supply Chain
You’ll have access to our network of carefully vetted contractors. As a minimum they all share our passion for excellence and extraordinary customer service. Our supply chain network grows mainly from client recommendations.

Step 5 – Regular Servicing Programme
The key to problem free properties is to service the “moving parts” regularly. We’ll recommend a periodic schedule of servicing and implement it, ensuring that it happens on time, is cost effective and is recorded in the logbook.

Step 6 – Monthly Reporting
We’ll provide monthly reports with detailed cost breakdowns so that you keep a handle on what your property costs to run. We will also be informing you of all works carried out during the month and more importantly our proactive response in looking after your building.


It is very simple, our motto ‘signa summa semper‘ which translates to ‘always keep your standards high’. This essentially means in everything we do we will not accept second best and will always strive to improve what is done on a daily basis.

Our standards are set from the very top of our organisation and we make sure we are constantly strive to maintain those standards and that comes from.


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